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As you begin to place the sword back, it begins to glow. You pause in awe. Eyes fixed on the blade.

"No!!? This is not possible! Hurry put it down!!"

At first it's a soft blue glow but then turns deeper, into a green. At almost a dark forest green when it begins shifting again. Darker... Black. An inky deep black, yet still emanating Light from it? You stand there staring at this blade in your hand. Is it glowing black? Or instead is it actually sucking in the light around it?

To your horror, the hilt of the sword flashes a blinding Red burst and instantly you feel a grasp on your wrist.

Your eyes wide open in shock, what you witness frightens you.

This is no ordinary grasp. Somehow, bindings of the Sword have wrapped around your wrist, extending all the way up your forearm to your elbow. The bindings constrict and tighten. Firmly grasped onto you. Securely attached.

With this, you become aware of the blade. It is no longer glowing that blackness. In fact, it doesn't glow at all. Just a shiny metallic blade.